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The instant download version of Publish Your Own Roku Channel is delivered in .zip format for faster transfer and downloading. The .zip file can be opened on any Windows or Mac compatible computer or other devices. The .zip file itself contains PDF files (the book, bonus manuals, etc.) and various graphic- and code files, all of which are also compatible with both Windows and Mac. Please read the book to see what each file is for and what other programs (free programs) you may need to use the additional files.

Refund Policy

Publish Your Own Roku Channel is a digital product. Due to it's digital nature, we do not offer any refunds. If you purchased the Print version, we can offer you an exchange if the physical book itself is damaged and you return. (We cover all costs of the return and exchange.)


We recommend you download the Free Preview Chapter before purchasing to make sure this book is right for you.

Publish Your Own Roku Channel

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